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5, 7 & 10 MARLA PLOTS

5 and 10 Marla plots are the first class to build a house. People can enjoy being in a 5 Marla house were small to average size families can live. The house can be small but indeed a heaven on earth! The rooms built in 10 Marla plots are big. So, you can expect an airy house. For large and joint families, 10 Marla houses shall be ample. A beautiful garden and backyard can be constructed at 10 Marla house. Soon you will be at your home! A plot can also give great profits in the coming time. It is a good long-term saving. This will provide a higher sales price for selling. Many people buy plots and wait for a price increase. It is when they can sell the plot. Every year the price of the plot increases. It shall be a luxurious property in near future! We promise to give super living and quality way of life.


1 Kanal plot gives freedom and enough space to build a very large house. For large and joint families, it is the best option. A decent kitchen, full-size rooms with attached baths, beautiful garden, lounge, dining room, and a backyard complete a 1 Kanal house. The design of 1 Kanal needs detailed planning. Experts say that 1 Kanal plot can have 2 floors easily with a terrace on the top. There is no doubt that the design, material, and fittings in 1 Kanal house stand out differently. The construction of the house depends on the plot owner and the builder. It is good to know that 1 Kanal house can be built beautifully. Upon resale, 1 Kanal plot will give great returns. Investment in this way is fruitful for times to come. There will be double profits from 1 Kanal plot after years. We promise to give super living and quality way of life.


Homeland Enterprises is a famous name in the real estate industry. With the successful growth in Bahria Town Karachi, it has housing and commercial projects. The foundation of Homeland Enterprises has proven skills in property construction; including towers, villas, and commercial centers. The high-rise projects are built after superb planning. We have specialists and experts who have great knowledge of building. The organization delivers what it commits with whole sincerity. who start housing cum commercial towers there and contribute amply to the visionary growth of it, making Bahria Town Karachi sincerely “a city within the city”.


Homeland Enterprises proudly sets foot in Bahria Town Karachi. Our excellent projects are well-designed to provide long-term peace. It is an overall great experience to have hands-on knowledge of construction.


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